Navigation API in SwiftUI

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Navigation has always been a pain point in SwiftUI. Unlike React and Flutter which provides a centralized navigation engine, SwiftUI navigation is tightly coupled with the views. Fortunately, iOS 16 introduces a brand new Navigation API for SwiftUI applications, which allows you to setup global navigation. Navigation API also supports programmatic navigation, giving complete control in the hands of the developer. 

The book covers the following topics.

  • Getting started with Navigation API
  • Programmatic Navigation
  • Global Navigation
  • NavigationPath
  • NavigationSplitView
  • NavigationSplitView and NavigationStack

The book is available in EPUB and PDF formats.

EPUB (size = 1.9 MB) (pages = 25)

PDF (size = 2.1 MB ) (page = 25)

  • Navigation API in SwiftUI E Book

  • Navigation API in SwiftUI E Book
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Navigation API in SwiftUI

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